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If you have questions about renting a car or other questions,
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We will reply as soon as possible, mostly in a few hours.

For LAST MINUTE reservations please use our telephone number for a quick response and confirmation of your rent a car.

We speak English, French, German and Dutch.


Telephone           +30 6945 816649

Email                  info(at)


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Eye Drive Greece
El venizelou street
Drapanos 0
70014 L. Hersonisou

Postal address;
70014 L. Hersonisou

Eye Drive NL
Keurenplein 41 - Box G105
1069 CD Amsterdam

Chambre of commerce Amsterdam
nr. 57024790
TAX nr. NL001502568B22

Rent a Jeep wrangler on Crete.
Jeep wrangler cabrio
Rent an open jeep 4x4 on Crete.
Suzuki Jimny cabrio
Rent a 5 persons car on Crete with eye Drive rent a car in Hersonissos.
5 persons car
Rent a minibus 9 persons on Heraklion airport Crete.
9 persons mini bus